The Umbrella Deal

Marcelo Rayel Correggiari
4 min readOct 9, 2020

Is sovereignty a mere piece of fiction?

Umbrella with the coulours of the raibow; white background.

“Can you hear me?! Am I clear?!”

The Beloved tried to be emphatic by telling his partner it wasn’t a good idea to spend their savings on licenses.

“I’m under attack… you know that.”

“I know you are. This flat is not a palace I can spend an entire season away from you and these live broadcasts of yours. You know I’m here to help…”

“I do, I do.”

“So, you can count on my support. What I think dangerous is to spend dosh you don’t have , our savings… can you hear me?! O-u-r savings for o-u-r new home, at least a flat not so tiny like this one, o-u-r new place, enough room for the kids, you see… am I clear?! I don’t really want to go back to this issue in a near future. Can you figure out each and everytime the broadcast’s hacked you decide to hit our savings for more software licenses?! Where’d all this stop?!”

“I promise it’s the last time… I promise…”

“You don’t need to promise. You know I’ve been here for you in the last 20 years! It’s more than a marriage, can’t you see?! You know I’ll always be there for you, but limits were never our enemies; they can be our friends. There are limits for everything, you won’t bring a country’s stability back because you’re a brilliant lawyer, smart and intelligent. To articulate political moves as big as your dreams of a better country, fair and equal for everyone, that would demand from you to be in Rio right now, not here! Can you hear me?!”

“I can, I can… I promise… I do promise; I’ll never touch our savings for any reason again.”

“I think nor you and I want to live forever in a tiny flat like this. That’s our savings! You decided not to be on your family’s treat all the time, and I think it’s wonderful… I wouldn’t be married to a glamour, kinda mummy’s boy rich kid for the last two decades if you were still on their expenses. But it doesn’t mean you can cop the savings for buying more protection for your live broadcasts whenever The Ayessevit drops by.”

The Beloved was hard with Swiss Kiss that time. There were good reasons to be out of himself because of the savings, for sure, but the live broadcast hijacking attempts were not The Ayessevit’s: they were The Organism’s. The partner had shown him the IP lists: all the blitzkriegs came from the US. The Ayessevit had broken into the flat once — raising a strong suspicion they were again in it — but those severe connection arrests — in the days Double Express was about to be on air — were certainly The Organism’s.

Any real purpose for that?

The Organism works for an empire. Provided that a potential whistleblower is a third class moonstruck, coming from a third world country — no matter how brilliant (s)he can be — the lights turn green for any branch , like The Ayessevit, to raid an opponent. What Swiss Kiss was trying to say was that those raids brought The Organism’s fingerprints into the question, no matter how The Ayessevit could be involved or not.

Part of The Organism is worked by the Deep State. There are several cells to be considered in the equation, but the one which operates internationally tries to keep, or guarantee, full access to endless wealth no matter where it is. Hence, one of Deep State’s duties is to jam the line for necessary commodities in order to preserve the empire’s main role throughout the world.

… the techniques?

No one is perfect. Among these imperfections, when most of them are related to private life secrets, a dossiercracy arises: no one is really interested in having his or her family getting to know love affairs, corruption schemes or dirty ways to afford sincere luxuries far beyond what most people can buy. Therefore, the possibility of saying no brings along the threat of an entire nation being aware of who that politician really is: bad for policies, bad for businesses.

Then, the breakthrough: give me all your commodities for free and I’ll never let anyone know the other families you feed, or that after-hour underage girl you’ve been having intercourses. In order to avoid the worse, the politician gives in…

… and a whole country starts to suffer.

That’s why Swiss Kiss had transformed a live internet broadcast programme like Double Express into a personal crusade: his homeland, the one he loved so much, had to get rid of those who, afraid of ruining their careers, surrendered to worldwide transactional forces.

Swiss Kiss had to face blitzkriegs against his computer for a couple of weeks. Things tended to be worse from that moment on: the third layer Banestado list was not the only threat the worldwide transactional forces had to cope with. An umbrella agreement involving his country came up: a sort of Brazilian privatization agenda under local politicians’ promise of handing any strategic national company in, as well as commodities for cheap prices, respecting a 30 year scheduled set.

The Organism could overlook Banestado since that scandal was nearly extincted and of a minor impact. The Umbrella Deal was of a different nature: it involved the signature of a former president — The Flamboyant — one of the key operators besides Big Dollar — The Banker — and a Brazilian lecturer in a US renowned university — The Recruiter.

Swiss Kiss was stepping on unknown fields. This time, the blitzkriegs his computer had were more than just warnings: The Organism sounded the alarm.



Marcelo Rayel Correggiari

Novelist & translator, author of “Areias Lunares” (short-story reunion) and “O Verão no Café Atlântico” (novel.) Blogger & columnist. From/In Santos, Brazil.